Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heart day cards and mini sessions

Are you looking for something different to get your valentine this year? I am so excited to introduce everyone to my newest set of double sided heart day cards. I am currently booking 15 minute mini sessions now through Saturday February 6th. You can choose in studio for $20 or on location in Draper or Sandy for $30. Each session will include a sample cd and 1 of my 12 valentine's cards with your picture to be picked up by Thursday February 11th. Each additional card will only be $1.00. This is a a great gift for grandparents, moms, dads, boyfriends, girlfriends, or your best friends!!! Get creative and have fun.
This is perfect for all you teens wanting to have fun with your friends and have pictures to remember it! Do individual pics or a group shot...get all your friends together and make it FUN!!! Come on....everyone can scrape together $5 bucks for fun together!
All you ladies out there....we always remember to get pictures of the kids but does your husband have a picture of you? Probably not, but here is you chance to give him a unique and fun Heart Day gift that's not too expensive! Be romantic or down right goofy...whatever will let him know you love him!
Now for all you husbands who wait until the last minute(ladies send your husband to this blog) let her know that your love her by giving her pictures of you or the kids or you and the kids. She will be amazed that you pulled it off without her being there to coordinate everyone. What better way is there to show your love?
All cards must have pics taken by me. Give me a call soon as times and days are limited!!!

Love- 5x7 front

Victorian- 5x7

Smiles 5x5

Love is all you need 5x7
Love is all you need-single 5x7

pink and green 5x7
pink and brown 5x7

framed with hearts 5x5
Happy heart day 5x5
Hanging hearts 5x7


Kate said...

These are seriously so cute! Can you do them for birthday cards too?

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