Monday, May 24, 2010

A girl and her dad

It's not very often that I get to take my family on a photo shoot.  I do try every fall to get a picture of us together for our Christmas card but that is always like pulling teethe so I limit it to that one time.  I do try to get individual shots of my kids at least every father's day because I can never think of ANYTHING better than giving pictures as a gift to my dad or my husband.  A few weeks ago, when the weather was nice, I asked my family to do a photo shoot.  My boys quickly declined/ waved me away in their sleep.  I informed them that I will get a photo shoot out of them one way or another.  (I think they secretly like to idea of their own photo shoot!)  My husband and my daughter Emma were, as always, supportive of my adventures in photography.  I took them to the orchard and I got some great shots!  These are pictures I will treasure forever.  There is nothing like the bond between a girl and her dad!  I included a few that Mike snapped of me too.  Stay tuned for the boy's photo shoots....they WILL be coming soon!

Friday, May 21, 2010


I can't get over how sweet this baby is!  We had a rough start with her first photo shoot but once we got this babe to sleep, she was a champion!  She is the first born in her family and she has set the standards high.  I'm not sure her parents can top this one or if they even want to for that matter.  Adorable parents with an adorable baby!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Don't you remember as a kid how there seemed to be nothing better than hanging out with your cousins?  These three are no exception to the rule.  You can tell instantly when they come together that they love each other and that there is some mischief in their futures.  Connor, Ana and Adam kept the smiles coming during our time together.  They were awesome for their entire photo shoot that is intended for Grandma's mother's day gift.  I don't think there is anything better than pictures as a gift, although I might be a little biased.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Brinnley

Can you get over how adorable this little angel is? Baby Brinnley did such an awesome job for her first photo shoot. She was one of the sweetest babies I have been able to photograph! She slept through almost every shot and even gave us a smile or two.

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