Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kourtney's graduation

I don't worry to much about age until I am reminded how "old" I really am, by the kids in my life.  It is graduation time once again and it makes me think of when I was graduating high school.  Only 5 years ago....wait, wait.....I mean almost 20 years ago, I was graduating and anticipating what the future would bring for me.
I am sure that Kourtney is feeling the same uncertainties and at the same time, excitement, that I once was.  Kourtney is graduating from Alta High School tomorrow.  I am so excited for such a beautiful person to be entering the "adult" world.  I think she looks a bit like Adel...serious and somber but also full of life...don't you think?!  Good luck and Congratulations Kourtney!!!!

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