Thursday, August 30, 2012


Check out this beautiful young woman.  She is so talented, sweet and has the looks to top it all off.  She is headed off to Montana on a volleyball scholarship next year.  Her hard work has paid off and she deserves all of the doors that are opening for her.  Congratulations and good luck Raegan!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pat & Courtney

If you ever read my blog, you know that I love newborns.  I love photographing them, holding them and being creative with them.  My next favorite people to photograph are couples in love.

I have known Pat since he was 5 years old and I can't believe he has grown up and is getting married.  He is like a little brother to me.  I honestly love this kid to death!  He has fallen in love and has chosen an amazing girl to marry.  I am so excited for the two of them.  They are getting married in Hawaii next month so unfortunately I won't be photographing their wedding.  Good Luck on your big day!

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