Monday, October 8, 2012

Cracker Jax Action Jaxon

I had so much fun with Jaxon.  He is being baptized this weekend so we had to celebrate with photo session.  He was so much fun that by the end he had gained a nickname (CRACKER JAX ACTION JAXON) and we had giggled for over an hour.  What a handsome young man with an amazing personality!!!

I have my sights set clear for my future!

                                  Why yes, I do have super's called FAITH!
       (I borrowed this idea from my amazing friend Mandi- I just couldn't resist how adorable it is!)

                                                          This boy loves his mamma!

                                          This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!!!

                                            Love this cheeks and that smile ;)

                     I'm not sure what his prayer was but I suspect it had to do with pictures being done!

                                            This boy is going to break some hearts!!!!

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