Tips and Tricks

for making your session easier & fun!


Get your outfit ready in advance so you don't have to worry about it the day of your photo session.  You can even make a list so you don't forget anything and then you can "tweek" things as you think of them!  This will help to eliminate stress and add to the enjoyment of having your family's pictures taken.


     Don't worry about all of the family matching, just try and stay in the same tones with accents of the same color throughout.   This creates a pleasing look overall without a "theme" or “matchy, matchy” look to your pictures.


     Talk about having pictures taken for a few days before hand and let the kids help in getting themselves ready (as much as possible).  This will help them feel like it is their day too and they will want to have their picture taken.

Try to have your kids take a nap if they are young enough or at the least, RESTED.  Photo sessions can be exhausting for everyone so being rested only helps!

     Make sure that EVERYONE (including adults) has eaten or had a snack.  I would suggest bringing extra snacks and WATER!  I don't know anyone who is happy without food in their body!

     Any props you bring will only add to your pictures and make them personal to you.
      - lollipops                           
      - favorite stuffed animals
      - popsicles(don’t forget the cooler)
_footballs, soccer balls. lacrosse sticks, etc.
      - anything goes- if you love it, We’ll make it work!!!



Newborn sessions generally need to be scheduled in the first 7-10 days after they are born.  This will ensure that they are still in their "sleepy" stage and allows for all those cuddly pictures that everyone loves!

Please make sure that your baby has already been fed within 30 minutes of the sessions so they are ready to go.  Please come prepared with a back up bottle too.  When babies have to stop to breast feed, they usually take much longer to eat than a from a bottle.  If you are not giving your baby formula, just make sure to pump at least 4oz so they can take a bottle if needed.  

*Have your little one dressed in a zip up sleeper. This makes them much easier to undress and won't disturb your little one's slumber.  

*Of course you will want all of the normal items found in a baby's diaper bag.  Since many of you are new parents, here is a short list to double check that you have with you since chaos is the ruler of the day with new babies:
diapers, wipes, binky, bottle, formula or breastmilk, lotion (for their dry little skin).

*Babies generally cry when they are hungry, sleepy or need to be changed.  Anything that you can do to help with these 3 things will be greatly appreciated!  You take care of these little pieces of the puzzle and I will do the rest!  
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